Blue Mountains Ultrasound

Your Appointment

We would kindly ask you to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, so that we can record your details.

It is essential that you bring, both your medical referral for the examination and a current Medicare card.

Please bring any previous ultrasound, CT or X-ray that may be relevant to the ultrasound study you are having.

Family and friends will be generally asked to wait while you have your examination.

In obstetric ultrasound studies the patient is welcome to have a partner, a family member or friend accompany them during the examination. To ensure we provide you with the highest quality examination of your baby, we do not have children and babies in the ultrasound room during the study, as they can distract the sonographer. However younger members of the family or other guest are warmly welcomed in at the end of the examination to see the baby.

We would appreciate a parent or guardian to accompany a child or minor having an ultrasound examination.

We aim to run to schedule. In providing a thorough ultrasound assessment, our sonography staff will never rush an examination, which can occasionally lead to slight delays. We ask any patients waiting to be understanding at these times.