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Obstetric Growth

Ultrasound, uses high frequency sound waves, is a safe and effective way to assess the development of your baby. In the foetal growth ultrasound, the baby's heart rate is recorded and the position of the baby and the placenta is documented. Your baby is measured to establish its size and estimate its weight. The fluid around your baby is also measured and its physical activity, such as swallowing, body and diaphragm movement is assessed. The flow of blood in the umbilical cord is assessed, during which you will hear the sound of your baby's heart rhythm. The gender of the baby may be able to be determined, if you wish. Please remember, that we can not give a guarantee in relation to the sex of your baby.

You will not be required to change for this scan. You will lie on your back during the study, The sonographer will ask you to lower your pants or skirt a little. A clear, warm, gel will be applied to your skin during the examination, this is to enable the ultrasound to penetrate the skin layer.

You and your partner or guest will be able to view the entire ultrasound examination on a wall mounted flat screen monitor. The sonographer will explain what you are seeing as the study progresses and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. At the completion of the study the sonographer will provide you with a number of glossy black and white photos of your baby as a memento.

30 Week Foetus (3D)
30 Week Foetus (3D*)
35 Week Foetus (3D)
35 Week Foetus (3D*)

* Blue Mountains Ultrasound does not offer 3D ultrasound.