Blue Mountains Ultrasound

Ultrasound Preparations

Some ultrasound examinations require you to undertake a preparation prior to the study. This is to ensure that the region being examined can be effectively imaged.

Upper Abdominal

No food or water for 6 hours before the exam.

It is best for this study to be booked as early in the day as possible.

NOTE: Please continue to take your normal medication with a little water.

Obstetric Dating
Obstetric 19 Week

For these ultrasound studies, fluid in the bladder is required to assess the bladder itself, or adjacent organs such as the prostate, uterus or ovaries or the baby in obstetric ultrasounds.

Begin by emptying the bladder.

Drink 4 glasses (1000 mL) fluid (water, tea, coffee, cordiale or juice) over 15 minutes, finishing all the fluid 60 minutes before your appointment time. If you feel the need to empty the bladder before your exam, we encourage you to release small amounts fluid from the bladder without emptying the bladder completely.